Let’s help our child/ teen to know their nervous system, for more regulation and connection

When we help our child or teen to know their nervous system better, we give them more understanding of the sensations in their body and the responses that signal what state their nervous system is in.

This understanding means that they have more self-awareness and self-compassion and are then more able to regulate their emotions.

This impacts their mental wellbeing, as they can support themselves more easily, and also understand other people better too. This is powerful awareness for them to have!

Our download explains more about the nervous system reactions and how they can develop more regulation in simple terms, with the help of some animals.

Hello, I’m Shelley, the founder of Complex Connexions CIC.

I was also a teacher, SEN support and am now a tutor.  What I discovered in parenting my son, who is ADHD/ Autistic, is that when we understand more about our child’s behaviour, we can respond in a more conscious way to meet their needs.  This helps them to feel safe and to have more nervous system regulation.

Understanding behaviour through this brain/body lens means we can communicate in a way that supports our child and also ourselves.  This builds trust and nurtures our relationship.

When we help them explore their natural strengths, this builds their self-esteem and confidence and then they are able to navigate the challenges and seek support more easily.

We can make a huge difference for our child or teen, but our own regulation is crucial to this.  We have to begin with supporting ourselves.


Understand more about what your young person’s behaviour is actually communicating about what they are struggling with


Use conscious communication to respond to what they need, rather than just trying to manage their behaviour


Strengthen your relationship with them and nurture trust and collaboration
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