Welcome to Complex Connexions – where we provide invaluable support for ADHD & Autistic children and young adults and their parents, supporting families to nurture harmony and connection.

We understand the unique challenges that come with raising neurodivergent children, and we are here to offer practical solutions, compassionate guidance, and a supportive community.

At Complex Connexions, our mission is to empower parents with the knowledge and tools they need to create a harmonious and understanding home environment. Our founder, Shelley Farnham, has first-hand experience navigating the complexities of ADHD and Autism within her own family.

This personal journey inspired the creation of opportunities and resources aimed at helping other families thrive.

Our mentoring sessions provide invaluable support for parents of ADHD & Autistic children.

We provide individual mentoring for both parents and children as well as the Safe and Sound Protocol, as a practical intervention.

Our sessions focus on:

  • Understanding Neurodivergence: Gain insights into ADHD and Autism, through a brain and body lens, to better understand your child’s behaviours and needs.
  • Effective Communication: Learn strategies to improve communication and strengthen collaboration in your family.
  • Stronger connection: Discover simple and sustainable ways to nurture the relationships in your family, to grow confidence and wellbeing for all

How we can support you and your family

Is your family caught up in conflict and BIG emotions?

Are you confused by what your child needs and struggling to communicate in a positive way with them?

Do you find yourself constantly reacting and trying to manage their behaviour?

Come along on this journey and together we can nurture stronger connections and more harmony in your family.

What is the Safe and Sound Protocol?

The Safe and Sound Protocol is a music listening programme created by Dr. Stephen Porges, who is well-known for his Polyvagal Theory.  This is a gentle intervention, designed to reach the nervous system directly through the ears, making physical changes here, but also bringing more regulation and calm to the nervous system.  This helps to support the person to move out of a fight, flight or freeze response and enable them to find some focus, feel less anxious, engage with others and regulate their emotions more easily, among other things.

This programme is suitable for children and adults. The intervention can be delivered in person or online, and is always accompanied by mentoring with the practitioner, Shelley Farnham.

Complex Connexions will help you to …


Better understand your child’s behaviour through a brain/body lens; know what is driving their behaviour – and your reactions


Develop communication that meets your child’s needs and also allows for fun and connection in your family


Focus on the relationships, creating harmony and the ability to meet the challenges with more calm and collaboration

The Connexions Community

An online community for parents

Watch the Connect Parents videos in your own time – my group workshops as bite-size videos – and also access live, weekly support and resources to support your parenting journey.

Connect Parents online workshops 

Small group workshops for parents

Live, online and interactive; exploring practical ideas for understanding and supporting your child or teen’s unique strengths and needs.

Connect Parents focus sessions

1-2-1 sessions for parents

A personalised online session, to explore what is relevant and specific to your family, and help you feel more confident in responding to your child.

“Connection is a child’s greatest need and an adult’s most effective influence”

Lelia Schott

Here’s what previous workshop participants say…


I took part in Shelleys course to help me connect better with my kids. I wanted to be a better Mam and to understand them more. Shelley delivered 6 sessions covering connection, understanding and communication which were useful, informative and eye opening. She took us on a journey which meant that we thought about ourselves as well as our children and showed us how to create connection at home. We set ourselves our own tasks at the end of each session so we could see ourselves moving forward.


Shelley was very generous with the information she shared and passionate about enabling us to problem solve and see change. There were multiple light bulb moments for me. I felt that I was more aware of what was going on beneath the surface for my children and was able to more patient and compassionate. With the information Shelley shared I felt more confident that what I was doing was the right thing. The course exceeded my expectations!


Following the course, I can say that I am a much more understanding and thoughtful parent. I’m better at noticing what’s going on and thinking ahead to prevent stressful situations. My relationship with my daughter has improved which makes me very happy and I am better equipped to help my son when he gets angry. There’s still work to do and I still mess up a lot, but I think I’m getting things right much more often than I used to