About - Shelley Farnham

Hi, I’m Shelley, the Founder of Complex Connexions.

I’m also the parent of an ADHD/Autistic young person; I understand the challenges and complexities (and joy and love) that come with supporting these children and teens. But in my work as a teacher, tutor and SEN support in a school, I have often witnessed the need for neurodivergent students and their parents to feel more understood and validated. 

My goal is to enable parents and ADHD/Autistic young people to understand behaviour through a brain/body lens, cultivate calm and connection, and foster a strong sense of acceptance and belonging within the family. When we achieve this, we nurture self-belief and support positive mental well-being for our young person as well as the rest of the family.

Join me on this transformative journey, and let’s create a brighter future for our young person, and our families, built on understanding, communication and connection.

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