A safe, supportive space for you, so that you feel more able to create that space for your child

The Connexions Community is a supportive online space, for parents of an ADHD/ Autistic young person – diagnosed, undiagnosed, self-diagnosed or just exploring the possibility.

As a member of our community, you’re able to watch the Connect Parents videos whenever it suits you.  In this video course, you can walk away from overwhelm, confusion and isolation – I know, I felt them too – to more understanding, different communication and stronger family connections.

You’ll also be able to access live, online support, including a monthly webinar and Q&A/chat session.

You’ll be surrounded by a community of parents with similar family challenges – the dedicated Facebook group is where you can reach out with a question or to find out about tools that have worked well for other families.

Better understand your child's behaviour, as well as what may be triggering you
Using curiosity and compassion, explore what your child or teen's behaviour is showing about what their brain and nervous system need, so that you can respond to that
Develop communication that encourages collaboration with your child or teen

Create communication that offers choices and builds trust and regulation, for yourself and your young person

Strengthen the relationship you have with your child
Nurture family connections, giving your child feelings of of acceptance and belonging

There are 6 modules in the Connect Parents video series:

Module 1 – Understanding yourself

Be compassionately curious about your triggers and how your nervous system is reacting to your child or teen’s behaviour

Module 2 – Understanding your young person

Be curious about your young person’s behaviour, as a nervous system response to the sensory input in the environment as well as their executive function skills

Module 3 – Communicating with yourself

Looking at communication with yourself and how you can empower yourself with choices around parenting

Module 4 – Communicating with your young person

Build trust, emotion regulation and collaboration with your young person

Module 5 – Connecting with yourself and our young person

Use this understanding and communication to build a more conscious and connected relationship with your child or teen, which positively impacts the whole family

Module 6 – Moving forward with confidence

Using these stepping stones of understanding, communication and connection to create a flexible plan, which is actionable and realistic for your family, nurturing confidence and resilience for all
What previous course participants have said
I took part in Shelley's course to help me connect better with my kids. I wanted to be a better Mam and to understand them more. Shelley delivered 6 sessions covering connection, understanding and communication which were useful, informative and eye opening. She took us on a journey which meant that we thought about ourselves as well as our children and showed us how to create connection at home. We set ourselves our own tasks at the end of each session so we could see ourselves moving forward.

Shelley was very generous with the information she shared and passionate about enabling us to problem solve and see change. There were multiple light bulb moments for me. I felt that I was more aware of what was going on beneath the surface for my children and was able to more patient and compassionate. With the information Shelley shared I felt more confident that what I was doing was the right thing. The course exceeded my expectations!

Following the course, I can say that I am a much more understanding and thoughtful parent. I'm better at noticing what's going on and thinking ahead to prevent stressful situations. My relationship with my daughter has improved which makes me very happy and I am better equipped to help my son when he gets angry. There's still work to do and I still mess up a lot, but I think I'm getting things right much more often than I used to.

Hi, I’m Shelley

I’m an ADHD/Autism family mentor

Complex Connexions and the Connect Parent workshops were created from my personal experience of parenting my son, who has a diagnosis of ADHD and Autism. I struggled to access support and often felt judged by others, when I knew there was more to my son's challenges than just 'bad behaviour'.
I didn't understand enough to see how the big emotions reflected his struggles with sensory processing as well as executive function difficulties. I knew that the usual behaviour management techniques, like reward charts and consequences didn't work well but I didn't know how else to do it! When I began to understand more, I could see the difference it made for my son - I was responding to his needs rather than just trying to manage his behaviour.
I have now learnt much more about the brain and nervous system responses, especially as they relate to ADHD and Autism, and can support you to gain this understanding too... in a way that helps you feel confident to create more calm communication and collaboration in your family.

Hold on – you can have the benefits of both –


Be part of the Connexions Community and take part in our next live Connect Parents workshops

– live support in a small group for 6 weeks and  membership of the community for 3 months

Sounds like the perfect package

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